Exercise: Implied Lines


This exercise, in three stages looked at implied lines in photography, lines that aren’t specifically captured in the photograph but are suggested.

The first two photos in this exercise were provided as good examples of implied lines.

Using the arrows in yellow I’ve indicated the line implied by the action in the photo.

In this example I’ve used the longer lines to indicate the overriding implied line (in this case the horses).

The next three photos I’ve taken from my existing photo library as examples of photos with implied lines. These were not taken with any specific intent but retrospectively demonstrate the idea.

Here the photographer is creating an implied line (indicated in red) pointing the camera very specifically at a view out of the frame.

In this frame the mother and child meerkats are focused on something again out of frame. Using two sources of the implied line increases the intensity of the implication.

In this example, there are several different lines going on, I’ve tried to show them using different coloured lines. In actual fact the two pairs of children are created implied lines between them.

The final two photographs were specifically taken after reading this part of the course with a deliberate intention of an implied line.

ISO 200, f20, 1/125sec, 18mm

The first example is of an eye line, the subject creates this through an implied line from the subject’s line of sight into the scene.

ISO 200, f9.0, 1/40 sec, 50mm

In this final example, the line is created by lighting in the scene, an arrow shape being created under the bridge and drawing an implied line from left to right across the frame.