Exercise: Curves

So given I’ve looked at lines, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, I guess curves was the only area left to look at before piecing stuff together.

The photos below look to illustrate how curves can be used to indicate or emphasise movement and direction.

This first shot was a piece of field picked out because the usually straight tractor lines had been distorted through the need to navigate around the fact the field wasn’t rectangular. I thought it kind of emphasised that despite the ‘go anywhere’ nature of farm machinery, once the tracks have been set down and a field planted, they need to stick to the tracks else the crop is going to be damaged with each pass!

ISO 1600, f/11, 1/200 sec, 300mm

In this shot I liked the fact I had double curvature! The spherical ‘bollards’ following a course of curvature in the road. The circles helped emphasise the curve.

ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, 44mm

This view was taken looking upwards through the banisters in my office building. Whilst various curves are on show, the aim of the shot was to emphasise the cycling back and forth so the viewer gets the sense of the journey as you navigate the stairs with a turn at each end, indicated by the curvature in the banister.

ISO 1600, f/13, 1/10 sec,13 mm

The well known view of Royal Crescent in Bath (on a chilly Saturday in late March!). The curvature of the crescent is well known but taken from this angle gives the crescent a bit more depth and dimension I hope leading the viewer on a journey around the first third of the crescent. Pity it was a bit overcast!

ISO 800, f/13, 1/60 sec, 14mm

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